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As an entrepreneur, you don’t need some template pulled from an MBA textbook. What you could use help on is adding fuel to the fire. Gasoline comes in many forms and we’re prepared to offer help in the most impactful way possible. And we’ll bring the matches too.

We start by selectively investing at the earliest stage through Series A startups. We’re also primarily focused on B2B, subscription, SaaS. Within that market, we want to work with entrepreneurs who have a big idea but also want to build a successful business. We think startups are great for communities and so we’re bias toward entrepreneurs who are trying to build more than just profit.

Once we agree to a partnership, we schedule consistent calls or face to face meetings, though we’re always available, as we operate in flow. We want you to know you’re not just getting a check but a team behind you that can help. We encourage flexible agreements and have a team of experts who can help on the micro in everything from corporate strategy to go-to-market. On the macro, it’s simple: we’re here to help.

While we’re helping you, we’ll be taking the lessons we learned and producing content so we can benefit the millions of entrepreneurs out there we don’t have the bandwidth to talk to directly. We believe that rising tides raise all boats and that by arming the next generation of entrepreneurs with the lessons we’re all learning along the way, we’re actually seed investing in the future.

Some may think this approach is not focused. Some might think it’s crazy. We disagree. We believe this is a new model that will help redefine the relationship between entrepreneurs and investors.

If you’re an entrepreneur interested in talking more, hit us up.

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