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Episode Summary

York IE CEO Kyle York joined the VC For Stupid Idiots podcast to discuss startups growing from unlikely places, the qualities that make entrepreneurs successful and the satisfaction of helping companies scale. Kyle also helped test out some puns and dad jokes!

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VC for Stupid Idiots, hosted by Nomadic Minds Capital, interviews venture capital and angel investors about identifying promising startups to invest in.

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Key Takeaways

Complementary skill sets in an organization

“A lot of times, people think about complementary parts just across executive teams. But it’s actually complementary parts as far as, what type of sales leader did you hire, and what do they need around or under them to be successful? Same in marketing, same in product development and R&D, same in business operations, same in finance. The orgs are built based on complementary parts, and these are the companies that end up being the most successful.”

Qualities of a good founder

“A lot of entrepreneurs aren’t very coachable. We’re not the best investor or strategic partner to help you if you’re not coachable. If you’ve got all the answers, it’s not for us.

“You hear a lot about product market fit, but what about founder market fit? So many people start companies where it’s random. Anyone can come up with an idea, but why are you most relevant? Tackle that problem. Why would I bet on you and your team to execute towards that big vision of yours?”

Scaling internationally

“Companies that are going to grow — and especially grow internationally — can’t and shouldn’t try to control the top of the funnel and where leads, prospects, or opportunities come from. In this digital age, the internet has made access a heck of a lot easier. Nail your messaging. Nail your positioning. Stand for certain things.

“We call it drumbeat marketing. Beat that drum every single day on owned channels, earned channels and then someday on paid channels to drive as much velocity, awareness and community building as you can. Then follow the data. Go where your customers are, and that’s the way to really stand out from the crowd.”


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