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Episode Summary

York IE CEO Kyle York appeared on the Conversations podcast to share his career journey as an operator, entrepreneur and investor. Kyle and host Ryan Dsouza also discussed growing a company in New Hampshire, the current state of the startup community and the different ways to help startups grow.

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Key Takeaways

A founder with a sales and marketing background

A lot of startups today are founded by engineers with technical backgrounds, so it can be hard for sales and marketing leaders to operate startups in deep tech. Kyle remembers early in his career that he struggled with wrapping his head around these technical concepts until he joined internet infrastructure company Dyn, where he learned the ropes fast. How? He found ways to communicate the product from engineers to customers and vice versa.

Twitter strategy

Ryan saved some of Kyle’s tweets and asked him to recall what he was thinking at the time: Kyle reflects on this tweet and how it was such a memorable moment for him and his family. That day stands out to Kyle in more ways than one because it was his mom’s birthday and his wife shared that she was pregnant with their baby girl. So much to celebrate in 24 hours! This tweet came after a York IE strategic planning meeting. It basically serves as a reminder to consistently keep your team on the same page and for everyone in the company to hold each other accountable. Kyle then goes into how he saves his thoughts and develops them into tweets as he goes from meeting to meeting. A key lesson for any aspiring Twitter influencer is to document what you’re working on and what’s going on around you. You don’t need to focus on creating. Focus on documenting.

No place like home

After talking about the mass exodus of talent leaving big cities and Silicon Valley, Ryan and Kyle discuss how New Hampshire served as a great place to work for Dyn and Oracle. Kyle had worked in California before coming home to New Hampshire for Dyn and couldn’t be happier in the Granite State.


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