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Amanda Curtist

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Amanda Curtis

Which entrepreneurs do you admire and why?

I believe that entrepreneurship is a creative endeavor (making something out of nothing is no easy feat!) and the entrepreneurs that I tend to admire don’t typically fit into an MBA mold. Sarah Blakely of Spanx is my current entrepreneur crush. She’s real, owns her failures and successes, shares and embraces her family life (4 kids!!!), and she is a business bad@$$. Her instagram is worth following -> @sarablakely

Where do you find inspiration/motivation?

It’s easy to find motivation when you empower creatives everyday! The brands and designers we work with at N.A.bld are bringing beautiful, innovative products to the world everyday through our on-demand manufacturing platform. It’s impossible not to feel motivated when you hear how they are making their vision a reality through the technology and business we’ve built. You can see some of these products on our inventory-free, pre-sale designer marketplace

What’s one piece of information you know now that you wish you had known when you started your company? 

I wish I had trusted my gut instincts more in the beginning days of the company. Early on it was easy to doubt myself and to look to others who were “more seasoned” for advice. It was right to seek that advice but looking back I should have given myself more credit as I was usually correct in my assumptions. 

What are the most important traits for an entrepreneur? 

Grit, optimism, creativity.

What do you like to do in your free time away from N.A.bld?

I have a one-year old son who happily occupies my free time 🙂 

Entrepreneur Amanda Curtis is CEO and co-founder of Nineteenth Amendment and N.A.bld, a production management software that helps brands launch products sustainably and manufacture quick turn. 

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