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York IE Hires New Business Development Representative: Austin Chausse

Recently I have joined the York IE sales team as a business development representative. In this role I will be responsible for prospecting, revenue growth, outreach and staying up to date with current SaaS trends.

At the same time I will be finishing my senior year at the University of New Hampshire, where I am currently studying finance with a minor in sales. The transition from part time to full time is one that I am looking forward to, with the help of the leadership here, especially Vice President of Sales Gregg Nelson, CMO Adam Coughlin and CEO Kyle York. I find that I am more than ready for the next chapter of my career with their help but also with the assistance of the entire York IE staff.

I joined York IE because of one word: opportunity. The opportunity to grow as a professional, the opportunity to shadow some of the best leadership in business, but also the opportunity to help startups grow into fruition with the help of our advisory services and software, Fuel. With a startup you have a foundation, and with our tools and services you can allow us to help build and remodel your house.

The team has been extremely helpful thus far and I look forward to what the future holds.

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