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York IE Launches Additional Advisory Services to Help Companies Grow

Latest offerings focus on finance, capital, GTM and sales 

(Manchester, N.H., Sept. 14) — York IE™, a vertically integrated strategic growth and investment firm, today expanded its advisory services practice to help private B2B companies more efficiently and predictably grow their businesses.

In response to customer demand, York IE’s advisory services now cover financial operations, capital strategy, go-to-market (GTM) and sales scaling. The firm also offers market, product, marketing and communications services.

“The familiarity the York IE team has with the SaaS model and our stage was so salient, I felt they must have been a fly on the wall of our management team meetings,” said Michaela Goodwin, CFO, VETRO. “They helped us transform our business quickly, and the benefit of this work will be felt for years to come.”

York IE’s operational expertise is helpful both for early-stage companies that lack executive resources and for more mature companies that are dealing with rapid growth.

“Since launching York IE, we have been focused on one thing: helping private B2B companies grow,” said Kyle York, CEO, York IE. “A company’s financial operations, its approach to funding and how it scales revenue through sales are the things that truly help it reach its maximum potential.”

Financial Operations and Capital Strategy

Early-stage and hyper-growth companies often struggle with the complexity of back-office financial operations and an understanding of the many different ways to best invest in the business. York IE’s financial operations and capital strategy services promote aligned acceleration by supporting areas such as:

York IE CFO Janelle Gorman is leading the financial operations and capital strategy services practice.

Go-to-Market and Sales Scaling

The journey from proving product market fit to scaling a sales machine can be a challenge for companies of all sizes. York IE’s GTM and sales scaling services promote predictable scaling to achieve even the most ambitious revenue goals by supporting areas such as:

  • revenue modeling
  • pricing and packaging modeling
  • sales strategy development
  • sales process review
  • quota modeling
  • compensation structuring

Advisory Services Momentum

These new offerings demonstrate the continued growth of York IE’s hands-on, operator-focused advisory services practice, which has increased its client base by 5.5X and grown annual recurring revenue by nearly 7X over the past year.

“We act as an extension of our clients’ operating teams, and our approach is really resonating with companies of all sizes,” said Kate Campbell, vice president, advisory services, York IE. “Companies gain value when they utilize any one of our services offering, and where we see the biggest impact is when they have access to the entire York IE team across all of our advisory services. That is like hiring, for a reasonable price, a team of operators ready to help drive your growth.”

All of York IE’s advisory services are tech-enabled by Fuel, the firm’s proprietary strategic growth platform, which provides the data and insights needed to build successful, sustainable businesses.

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York IE™ is a vertically integrated strategic growth and investment firm helping reshape the way companies are built, scaled and monetized. Through Fuel™, its SaaS platform, hands-on advisory services and selective early stage B2B SaaS investments, York IE supports ambitious entrepreneurs, operators and investors on their quest to scale startups and disrupt markets. Play the long game at York.IE.

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