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At York IE we have an ambitious vision: to reshape the way startups are built, scaled and monetized.

To do this we are building a meaningful strategic growth and investment firm that entrepreneurs, operators and investors love to work with and that creates jobs, generational wealth and long-game impact.

For us to reach our vision, we need a team of hands-on, hungry hustlers who want to impact the trajectory of a lot of startups. We are a fast-paced environment full of not only super talented team members but, more importantly, wonderful people too.

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What a dynamic team that you can check out here.

When someone new comes on board we love to shout it from the rooftops. Check out some of our announcements blogs and see why these talented folks felt York IE was right for them!

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The York IE portfolio is filled with some of the fastest growing companies in tech, all building their company their way. 

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Many are looking for leadership roles in:
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Sales

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