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Marketing Has Changed, Have You?

It’s easy to lose track of what day it is in our new work / stay at home world. Our current situation during this pandemic changes the way we’re all working. It blurs the lines of work/family. It brings another side of adaptability in our marketing skill sets. It’s making us all think before we act and act with empathy first.  Even though my view of my home “office” hasn’t changed in many weeks, every day in marketing has always been different. In the past decade, I’ve learned and enjoyed that no two days are the same. These past couple of weeks presented days that we’ve never faced before as marketers and will forever change the way we look and act in marketing in the future. 

A New Type of Communication

We’re looking at a new type of communication with the effects of COVID-19. We’re all being challenged to be more precise, to better communicate with our customers, and to cut out the fluff and be clear. We need to have certainty and consistency with our messaging. No one wants another tone-deaf email about “these unprecedented times.” However, we can’t just sit and wait. We’re all craving human interaction and the connection to what used to be the norm. LinkedIn has become a home for every thought leader to share their thoughts during this time. It’s the virtual watercooler that marketers need at the moment while we’re home. It’s a resource for marketers, now more than ever. I’ve watched the waves since February on what to do, how to respond to the changing environment, difficult internal communications plans around layoffs, guides on careful footing on brand engagement and actionable plans on what to do next to guide us all. I’ve witnessed great CEOs give guidance, show empathy and truly lead.  As our businesses are all changing, we need to match our marketing with it and not just posting on LinkedIn. As marketers, we must further refine our messaging and make that connection. This is where long game thinking and focus will yield better results vs. sending another message with no actions. 

Resonating First with the Customer

Now is the time to reflect and dig in even deeper to resonate with customers. According to Dev Basu, you know exactly what’s on your prospects’ minds. This is your chance to use messaging to speak directly to their specific needs during this time. Customers are looking to learn, for directness, for a connection. Companies and brands are built on marketing. Take the time now, with this sense of urgency around us, to invest in your brand and thought leadership. What do you want to say, how can you harden the foundational marketing strategy for the long-term? Spend the time to develop it and bring that message to market – over and over again through a steady drumbeat of value-added content and storytelling. Now’s the time to be concise and focused. 

Marketing is Changing, Brands are Being Built  

In a recent CMSwire article, it mentioned that “brand positioning is incredibly important during this time. How organizations show up in the market and for their customers will be an indicator of how they will come out on the other side,” stated Alice Song, chief operations officer of martech provider Traject, with Zoom being the prime example. “This has been a huge focus for us,” she said, “and many of the other brands in the space. How do we support our customers and the larger community.” Marketing is evolving as the world changes. People are taking the time to be smart with their brand, concise with their message and engaging at a human level with customers will be the brands and marketers that resonate long term. Have you changed?

Sales Team Structure Template

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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