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York IE Advisory Services Celebrates 2 Years of Helping Startups Grow

Today we’re celebrating two years of York IE’s advisory services practice, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help so many startups grow into successful, sustainable companies.

York IE has doubled its monthly advisory services revenue in the past year and now has more than 50 advisory services clients, including ThreatBlockr, StreamShark, Shoobx, Launchable, Naya and Zippity. Roughly 40% of our clients are also in our investment portfolio, demonstrating our commitment as investors to have skin in the game and provide more value to our portfolio companies.

“In a world of commoditized capital at earlier stages, York IE is the team you want on your side,” said Rev Reddy, CEO of VoyageSMS, one of our portfolio companies and services clients.

New Services for Startups

To help meet the evolving needs of startups, York IE launched these new services offerings over the past year:

Research and Development, which is for early-stage companies that have limited or no in-house development teams, as well as for more mature companies looking to complement existing teams, add burst capacity or get functional support.

Financial Operations and Capital Strategy, which helps businesses develop and strengthen their back-office finances and prepare for investment.

Talent and Culture, which helps companies attract and retain the best people and turn their culture into a strategic differentiator to unlock sustainable, profitable growth.

These services joined York IE’s three initial offerings:

  • Market and Product
  • Go-to-Market and Sales Scaling
  • Marketing and Communications

“York IE was instrumental in helping to announce our seed round,” said Bailey Carroll, marketing director of Nurse-1-1, which is also a portfolio company and services client. “We hit the ground running and haven’t looked back.”

To better deliver these world-class services, York IE also hired these key leaders with subject matter expertise:

Further supporting these services is a growing team of advisory services directors, managers and marketing specialists — talented, driven professionals who love to work with startups. And all of these services are tech-enabled by Fuel, our strategic growth platform.

Client Highlights

York IE is unique in the way we provide value to companies. We are building a one-stop shop for companies that need growth help, from product development to brand building and everything in between. We understand that it is the people who make startups great, and we love working together to accomplish some very exciting things.

Some highlights from our advisory services clients include:

  • 4AM Demand launched its demand generation platform
  • Auditoria won the Shared Services Outsourcing Network’s Technology of the Year award
  • Blustream relaunched its product engagement platform
  • Canvs launched its new website
  • CloudApp raised a $9.3 million Series A
  • Cyberhaven raised a $33 million Series B
  • HourWork raised a $10 million Series A
  • Lightlytics raised a $26 million Series A
  • Serenity Engage partnered with Amazon Alexa
  • Shoobx announced an equity management partnership with Fidelity Investments
  • StackShare surpassed 1 million members of its developer community
  • ThreatBlockr announced a rebrand
  • VoyageSMS acquired LiveRecover

For more advisory services clients’ success stories, read our case studies.

The growth of the advisory services practice continues the momentum for York IE. Within the past year:

To learn more about York IE’s advisory services, visit

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Sales Team Structure Template

Set your sales org up for success with the templates and frameworks in our free GTM strategy playbook.

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