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Product Update: We’re Making Progress & Hiring

It’s been just about 3 months since I joined York IE and it’s been a whirlwind of activity. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in almost every aspect of the York IE business which has been an absolute thrill. From participating in investment evaluation and rationalization, helping our portfolio companies with their technical infrastructure and process, even putting together furniture for our new office space and, last but not least, making solid progress developing our own products and platform.

Focusing Our Roadmap

When deciding on where to aim a product roadmap, the first part of the journey is understanding and aligning to the company vision, mission and strengths. At York IE, we’re focused on reshaping the way startups are built, scaled and monetized, as we have a wealth of go-to-market and SaaS growth experience. Some common questions we ask ourselves are: 

  • How can we be the most prepared investors and strategists who know more about private companies, markets and trends than anyone? 
  • How can we translate all of that knowledge into relentless execution via actionable tactics that help drive growth and brand awareness for our startups? 
  • How can we keep our investors and community in tune with with all of our frequent updates and progress?  

These are some of the challenges we’ve set out to solve with our products.

Our Execution Strategy

With our target set, we needed a solid game plan on how to get there. Our approach to development should echo our commitment to our community as well as developing the next wave of entrepreneurs. This is why we’re announcing two exciting York IE Labs job opportunities with full time and internship roles. These roles are an ideal fit for local (Manchester, NH preferred, Boston considered) and aspiring developers with tons of #hustle.

Full Time – Full Stack Developer

Are you hungry for an opportunity to learn and be an integral part of something big? Are you a champion for the user experience within a product with a continuous drive to improve? Do you enjoy working in large amounts of data? If so, this may be a good opportunity for you.  We’re using leading cloud technologies at AWS for data processing, analytics and machine learning. We’re also committed to user experience, design and front end development. Knowing these technologies upfront isn’t a must, but being self motivated and driven to learn is a must.

We’re excited to expand our team with this role and offer an amazing opportunity to learn in a fast paced environment with an experienced team. Read more with the full job description at the end of this post.

Internship Opportunities

Interns will be presented with goals which will vary but represent 2-4 week projects at a time.  Internships can vary depending on school schedules and are paid.  

Also, while I’m no Elon Musk, I’m happy to commit to personally mentoring and guiding each role within the York IE Labs group as a partner in this journey. Let’s do this together. Our whole team is here to mentor you and welcome you to the York IE family. Careers are started with strong internship programs

We’ll be hiring several paid interns in the months to come, so please connect with me.

More tech details:

To give you some more background on the types of technologies we use and skills you may need for either role, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Data, Processing and ML Developer:  Are you interested in managing and growing a data lake with licensed and internally developed data feeds? We use AWS technologies like S3, Glue, Athena, Sagemaker, and Neptune Graph Database. Most of our processing is using Python based batch processing in serverless environments like Lambda.
  • UI, UX, React Native Developer: Are you interested in user experience, have an eye for design and developing in React? We’re looking for someone to help with our front end as well, which is built on top of AWS Amplify for automation of React Native. This also uses other AWS cloud technologies like Cognito user pools for identity management, and Cloudfront for distribution.

If you’re interested in either of these roles, please get in touch. It would also help me learn the most about your skills and experience if you include a GitHub repo you’ve done in either of the above mentioned two categories or @mikeveilleux


Full Time Role: Full Stack Developer

We’re excited to offer the opportunity to join the York IE Labs team as the first full time developer.  Are you interested in joining a fast paced environment with a small, experienced team? Are you confident in your ability to learn new things and not afraid to dive in? If so, this may be the opportunity for you.

What You’ll Do

  • Build large scale, mostly serverless, systems
  • Work with technologies like Python and React
  • Collaborate around Product Design and User Experience to build customer-facing features
  • Raise the bar on Operational Excellence by building dashboards, monitors & alerts for your features
  • Learn and drive software engineering best practices

What You’ve Done

  • 0 to 2 years of software development experience
  • Experience using Python, React JS and/or other modern javascript frameworks
  • Deployed software on AWS
  • Worked with Github
  • Experience with writing unit and functional tests

Who You Are

  • You strongly believe in yourself and are motivated to dive into new technologies
  • You hold yourself accountable for delivering results
  • You work well with teams and help those around you improve
  • You continuously think about the end user, while not being afraid to make small improvements
  • You have a growth mindset
  • You want to be part of a fast growing team and fun culture

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